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FRP (also known as glass fiber reinforced plastic, the internationally recognized abbreviation symbol is GFRP or FRP), it is a new functional material made of synthetic resin and glass fiber through a composite process. It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, good electrical insulation, slow heat transfer, good thermal insulation, good instantaneous ultra-high temperature resistance, easy coloring, and electromagnetic wave transmission.
 As the FRP bridge frame can be designed and composited according to different use environments and special performance requirements, our factory chooses excellent raw material varieties, which can fully meet the performance requirements of various applications for product use.
 The one-time use of glass fiber reinforced plastic bridge frame is another remarkable feature that is different from steel bridge frame. As long as you select the appropriate material laying method and arrangement procedure according to the product design, the FRP materials and structure can be completed at one time, avoiding the secondary processing usually required for metal bridges, which can greatly reduce the material consumption of the product and reduce Waste of manpower and material resources.
 Pultruded glass fiber reinforced plastic bridge is used as a substitute for steel bridge in many occasions, and its superiority has been continuously reflected. The biggest advantage of glass fiber reinforced plastic bridge is its extensive corrosion resistance and high load-bearing capacity. In addition, structural design, insulation, maintenance-free, and long life are important features.
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