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KSDPF series transmission equipment power distribution cabinet

The KSDPF series of transmission equipment power distribution cabinets (hereinafter referred to as precision power cabinets) are used in the IT server cabinet power distribution management system of the data center computer room. It is a power distribution cabinet for comprehensive collection of all energy data at the end of the data center. The terminal energy monitoring system provides high-precision measurement data, reflects the power quality data in real time through the display unit, and uploads it to the background control system through RS485 or SNMP communication to achieve real-time monitoring of the entire power distribution system and effective management of operating quality.
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Item Specification
Electrical parameters DC
Rated insulation voltage Ui 690V 4
Rated working voltage Ue AC400V, DC400V, DC336V, DC240V, DC48V
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 6kV
Overvoltage level III
Pollution level Level 3
Rated frequency f 50/60Hz
Rated current Ie Rated current 10A -2500A (configurable on demand)
Rated short-time withstand current Icw 25kA
EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility Suitable for Class A environment
Insulation resistance ≥10MΩ
Insulation strength 1min 2500V
The resistance value of the protection wire inside the cabinet ≤0.1Ω
Structural characteristics
Dimensions (mm) (Note: It can also be produced according to user requirements) Wide W 600, 800, 1000
High H 2000, 2200
Deep D 600, 800, 1000, 1100
Cabinet color RAL9004 (or customized)
Surface treatment Epoxy powder electrostatic spraying
Protection level IP20/IP40
Assembly form of the unit in the cabinet Fixed or pluggable
Installation method Landing
Installation location Indoor
Material specifications Cabinet frame Standard cabinet
Mounting plate Al-Zn coated sheet/galvanized sheet
Door panel Mesh door/Glass door Cold rolled steel plate
Output switch 6A~100A (single-phase or three-phase)
Number of output circuits 16 Road~112Road
On-site warning method Sound and light warning
Communication interface RS485, RS232, Ethernet interface and USB interface
Main road monitoring parameters Three-phase voltage, current, frequency, zero sequence current, active/reactive power, power factor, active/reactive energy, total harmonic content, 2~31 harmonics, etc.
Main road warning item Three-phase overvoltage/undervoltage, phase loss, unbalance, three-phase current overcurrent, zero sequence overcurrent, frequency too high/low, etc.
Shunt monitoring parameters Shunt voltage, current, load percentage, switch on-off status, etc.
Shunt warning item Shunt overload alarm, shunt undercurrent alarm, etc.
Grounding/Zero connection form Separate PE/PEN row
Way in and out of line Top incoming or bottom incoming
Double entry system Optional
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