Company culture

01 Core Culture


 Mission and Vision 

»  A creator of outstanding value, an industry model for sustainable operation

  • Mission and vision are the core development demands of Kingshore New Resources Electric Group, it is the meaning of our existence and the orientation of our struggle.
  • Creating value is the survival foundation of  an enterprise. Whether it is an enterprise or an individual, it is only necessary to exist for creating value. Through realizing sustainable operation,we can better realize our dreams, take responsibility, and make our own existence more meaningful.
  • Creating outstanding value and devoting to long-term development is the successful experience of  Kingshore New Resources Electric Group rapid development. We have achieved our own development through products/services that create excellent value for our customers, and have broad development prospects in the industry. We are committed to the long-term development of the company, establish a team of sincere unity, and won a good reputation. Internally, all colleagues share the joys and sorrows together with development achievements; externally, we operate with integrity and cooperate with customers for a win-win situation, so that the company always maintains healthy operations status.
  • On the road of future development, we must unswerving follow above guidance to achieve ourselves and influence more enterprises, making an outstanding achievement of Kingshore New Resources Electric Group .



Core Value

»  Build a foundation with integrity, grow together with gratitude, and strive to win the future

  • Values are a kind of thinking or value orientation by which we identify things and distinguish between right and wrong. The core values clearly define our core value propositions.
  • "Integrity, gratitude, hard work" is the cultural gene that needs to be implanted in the deep consciousness of every employee of Kingshore New Resources Electric Group. It is the key element of our success.  We must be true and sincere and have faith in our words for internally or externally. No matter prosperity or adversity, we are always grateful. We must persevere in diligence and progress no matter during    hard time or rapid development,
  • Having the faith that"Building a foundation with integrity, growing together with gratitude, and striving to win the future"  clearer incentive us what we rely on to build a long-lasting enterprise and win a better  future.


Corporate  Spirit

»  Due diligence, unity and cooperation, to race against time, to strive for progress

  • Corporate spirit is the concentrated expression of employees' ideal pursuit, it is our spiritual motivation.
  • "Due diligence, unity and cooperation, to race against time, to strive for progress" is the embodiment of the wisdom, fighting spirit, perseverance and courage of the Kingshore New Resources Electric Jiangsu Co.,Ltd. employees and is the most precious spiritual quality of the Kingshore New Resources Electric Jiangsu Co.,Ltd. Employees.


Corporate Principle

»  Be a down-to-earth person, work performance seriously, operate honestly and trustworthy, and strive for excellence in management

  • The principle of the corporate is the guiding ideology of all activities of the enterprise. "Being steadfast, doing things earnestly, operating honestly and trustworthy, and striving for excellence in management" is the corporate principle of Kingshore New Resources Electric Jiangsu Co.,Ltd., which covers life, work, management, operation and other related work, which is the foundation of our principles of work performance.