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KSAPF active power filter device
KSAPF active power filter device adopts high frequency PWM technology, high performance control chip and fully controlled power electronic devices, using the most advanced control theory and fully digital control method, real-time detection of load current in the power grid, and rapid separation of harmonic current components , And generate control commands according to the magnitude of the harmonic currents, and inject compensation currents of equal magnitude and opposite directions into the power grid in real time to instantly filter out harmonics. At the same time, it can also provide leading or lagging reactive current to improve the power factor of the power grid and realize dynamic reactive power compensation.
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KSSVG static reactive power generator
KSSVG is connected in parallel to the grid through a reactor or a transformer, which is equivalent to a variable reactive current source. By adjusting the amplitude and phase of the output voltage on the AC side of the inverter, the required reactive power can be quickly absorbed or emitted to achieve rapid The purpose of dynamic adjustment of reactive power. On the one hand, it effectively solves the problem of harmonic interference switching the shunt capacitor device. On the other hand, it can suppress or control harmonics according to the actual requirements of users, and improve power quality.
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KSTSC low voltage dynamic tuning compensation device
KSTSC low-voltage dynamic tuning compensation device is an upgraded product of traditional reactive power compensation. Through the special intelligent control unit (KSCT/T) for reactive power compensation, the unique zero-crossing switching technology is used to control the high-power thyristor module (KSTSM) switching tuning Capacitive reactor group (KSLC), for dynamic reactive power compensation; to improve the system voltage stability, the power factor is increased to above 0.95, to achieve the purpose of improving power quality.
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KSTSF low voltage dynamic filter compensation device
The KSTSF low-voltage dynamic filter compensation device can set up multiple filter circuits (FC) according to the user's load characteristics; through the filter compensation dedicated intelligent control unit (KSCT/TF), and adopts unique zero-crossing switching technology to control high-power SCR modules (KSTSM) Switching filter branch (KSFC), dynamic reactive power compensation and filtering high-order harmonics, full dynamic response time <20ms, no transition, no inrush current during switching process, so that voltage and current return to sine wave, power The factor is increased to above 0.95 to achieve the purpose of improving power quality.
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KSSVC (TCR type) high voltage dynamic filter compensation device
The KSSVC high-voltage static dynamic filter compensation device is composed of a thyristor controlled reactor (TCR) and a filter bank (FC). It is a compensation device that is connected in parallel to the power grid and dynamically adjusts the reactive power of the system according to the working state of the load. Applied to the power transmission system, it can improve the power transmission capacity of the grid, stabilize the system voltage, dampen the low frequency oscillation of the system and suppress the subsynchronous oscillation.
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KSHFC high voltage power filter device
KSHFC high-voltage power filter device is a device that can filter system harmonics and compensate system inductive reactive power. Each capacitor branch is connected in the form of a series single-tuned filter or a second-order high-pass filter. Filter out the harmonic components of this order (or above), thereby improving the voltage and current waveforms of the system and reducing the distortion rate. It is a means of reactive power compensation and harmonic control frequently used in power users.
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KSMSC high voltage automatic tuning compensation device
The KSMSC high-voltage automatic tuning compensation device uses a dedicated intelligent control unit (KSCT/H) for high-voltage reactive power compensation and a dedicated vacuum contactor for switching capacitors to increase the power factor of the grid, reduce line losses, and improve system voltage quality. Increase the transmission capacity of power transmission and transformation equipment. Solve the shortcomings of manual switching that are easy to overfill or underfill.
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