DTS sales achieved good results
This year, DTS product sales made a major breakthrough. The colleagues in the sales department actively explored the market, tirelessly chasing every market opportunity, and achieved actual results in the Tesla plant and the Changzhou pipe gallery project.
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China Guangdong Nuclear Power New Energy's second batch of support centralized procurement projects in 2020
Jinhai Xinyuan Electric Jiangsu Co., Ltd. received the bid-winning notices from CGN Guizhou Qianxinan Pu'an Solar Energy Co., Ltd. and CGN Hubei Dawu Wind Power Co., Ltd. The winning bid for the project was about 150 million yuan!
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Breakthrough in Kenya's Microgrid Project
Jinhai Xinyuan has confirmed that it has received the advance payment of RURAL ELECTRICATION AND RENEWABLE ENERGY CORPORATION (REREC) for the Kenya microgrid project on July 9.
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Power-on acceptance of the third phase of Nanjing International Expo Center
The third phase of the Nanjing International Expo Center project is located in Hexi, Nanjing, next to the twin towers. The total area of the project is 385,900 square meters. It is one of the key projects in Nanjing. In March this year, our company won the bid for the low-voltage cabinet and busway of the project with a bid amount of more than 11 million yuan. , The current project has entered the stage of power-on acceptance.
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Inner Mongolia Hangjin Power Plant 2×330MW coal gangue unit
Our company provided low-voltage switchgear and cable tray products for this project. Our company's products adopt imported mechanical processing technology and components, with timely delivery and high protection level, ensuring the power station's construction period requirements and ensuring the normal operation of all aspects of the power station.
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Yueneng Group Jiaowei Light Loujiao Wind Farm Project
The high and low voltage complete set of power distribution equipment provided by our company for this project adopts advanced production technology and imported components, and is easy to install and maintain to ensure the safe operation of various equipment in the wind farm.
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Chongqing Aluminum Environmental Protection Relocation Project
Our company provided a series of high and low voltage switchgears, bus ducts, cable trays and other equipment for this project. The timely delivery and excellent quality have won unanimous praise from customers.
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Shenhua Group Guohua Dongtai Wind and Solar Hybrid Power Station
Our company provided 35KV high-voltage switchgear and photovoltaic intelligent combiner box for this project. The quality is reliable and the technology is advanced to ensure the efficient operation of the power station.
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Xinjiang Kushtayi Hydropower Project
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Xingping Chemical Energy-saving Technical Transformation Project
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Guangxi Yongxin Huatang Laibin Paper Co., Ltd.
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Changjiang Electronics Technology (Chuzhou) Co., Ltd.
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Golmud 250MW Photovoltaic Grid-connected Power Station of the Upper Yellow River Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.
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Shenhua Zhuneng Coal Preparation Plant Project
Our company provided a distributed optical fiber temperature sensing system (DTS) for the tape conveyor cable and other equipment of this project to ensure the real-time safety monitoring of important equipment.
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