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KYN28A-12(Z)(GZS1) metal armored removable switchgear
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KYN28A-24 type indoor AC metal armored central switchgear
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KYN61-40.5 metal armored removable switchgear
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XGN15-12(F), XGN15-12(FR) box type AC metal enclosed ring network switchgear
XGN15-12 (F), XGN15-12 (FR) box-type AC metal enclosed ring network switchgear is a new generation of high-voltage electrical appliances that our company has introduced foreign advanced technology and designed and developed successfully in accordance with the requirements of domestic rural and urban network transformation. product. After strict type test and long-term trial operation assessment, all technical performance indicators have reached IEC60298 and GB3906 standards. This device is suitable for AC 50Hz, 12Kv power network, as the receiving and distribution of electric energy.
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GCS type low voltage withdrawable switchgear
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GCK, GCL series low-voltage withdrawable switchgear
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MNS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear
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GGD AC low-voltage power distribution cabinet switch equipment
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XL-21 Power Distribution Box
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PZ30 power distribution box
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YB series prefabricated substation
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KSDPF series transmission equipment power distribution cabinet
The KSDPF series of transmission equipment power distribution cabinets (hereinafter referred to as precision power cabinets) are used in the IT server cabinet power distribution management system of the data center computer room. It is a power distribution cabinet for comprehensive collection of all energy data at the end of the data center. The terminal energy monitoring system provides high-precision measurement data, reflects the power quality data in real time through the display unit, and uploads it to the background control system through RS485 or SNMP communication to achieve real-time monitoring of the entire power distribution system and effective management of operating quality.
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